Outsider forms in Barcelona in 1996. “Groove Along Quietly Vol. 1” is released in 1997 to critical acclaim. “Strange World” is released June 2004. Two of the songs in the album appeared in the feature film “Fiction” by Cesc Gay. May 2009 saw the release of their new CD “Some Kind Of Beautiful”, which has been well received by the music media radio radio stations. In 2010 two new EP’s have kissed the light of day: “There’s No Finish Line” and “Outsider Plays Sinatra”, a heartfelt tribute from the band to some of Sinatra’s music choices. The founding members of the band have lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland, playing in numerous bands such as “Better Ways” and “A Perfect Day For Bananafish.” Some of that work has been released in the U.K. (“Standing In The Middle”, Luna) and in Germany (“In Bed With Marina”, Marina records).

Daniel Dodds – vocals, guitars
Larry Magrinyà – guitars, bass
Naomi Wedman – violin
Manu Ibarrechevea – drums

Groove Along Quietly Vol. 1
Strange World
Some Kind Of Beautiful
There’s No Finish Line
Outsider Plays Sinatra

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